Applications of IoT communication with LoRaWAN and RIOT

Veranstaltet von Hamburg Internet of Things (IoT) User Group

Öffentliche Gruppe
Hamburg Internet of Things (IoT) User Group
Hamburg Internet of Things (IoT) User Group
Öffentliche Gruppe

HAW Hamburg

Berliner Tor 7, Room 12.01 · Hamburg

Wie du uns findest

Berliner Tor 7 at HAW, we will wait at the main entrance and take people up to the room where the presentation is being held.

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Come to HAW to learn and meet IoT focused people. We are putting on a presentation that will introduce LoRa and LoRaWAN, what applications does this technology enable, what are the new features that have come out, and how to use RIOT to get something up and running.

Everyone interested is welcome, from engineers to makers. Some basic technical knowledge would be useful (especially if it is C). However, there should be something for everyone.

The event is free and snacks and refreshments will be provided. Nothing is necessary to bring but if anyone is interested in following along any demonstrations they could bring a computer.

The general plan is:
18:30 - Everyone arrives, mingle, get some snack or drinks
18:45 - Start the presentation
19:45 - Finish and go over questions
20:00 - If people are interested head to a pub for networking and sharing technical stories

Some useful links for the go-getters: