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Irontalk - Dark Patterns: How Websites or Apps trick you

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WeWork Atrium Tower

Eichhornstraße 3 Etage 7 · Berlin

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After entering Atrium Tower walk all the way to the elevators in the back of the building and take them up to the 7th floor, where you can register at the front desk of WeWork. The talk will take place in room 7C on the same floor.

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A dark pattern is a user interface or a user flow that has been carefully crafted to trick users. In this talk, Tim Keller will show you how companies are trying to fool you to buy or sign up for things that you didn't mean to. Even well-known brands trying their best to hide information or designing the most complicated account deletion flow you have ever seen. After the talk, you are going to see user flows from the dark side of user experience and you can get rid of the dark patterns in your next project.

About the Speaker

Tim works as a consultant for INNOQ Deutschland GmbH and is the co-founder of Reisekosten-Gorilla. With more than a decade of experience he is focusing on the development of scalable and ergonomic web applications. In the last years he is creating sustainable front-end architectures with user experience in mind. In his free time he is trying to catch waves in southern Portugal.

About the Host

Ironhack is a tech school that has helped +2.000 people around the globe transition into a career in tech. With a 85% placement rate, +600 company partners and a supportive global alumni network, Ironhack offers a great experience that prepares you perfectly for entering the tech industry.

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