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The London chapter of IxDA extends the organisation's mission to "improve the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design", through community, sharing, self-organisation and contribution to the practice and development of Interaction Design.

We often run events on every last Wednesday of each month on IxD topics that are at the intersection of emergent design practices, novel uses of technology, and human behaviour.

The London chapter of IxDA is currently organised by a small team of passionate local leaders - Jason Mesut and Boon Yew Chew, with help from local volunteers.

We hope you can join us and be part of this community.

About the Interaction Design Association:

IxDA adopts an open and participatory "unorganisation" model with no cost of membership and the organisation itself is dependent on its members to serve the needs of the community.

Learn more about the IxDA at http://www.ixda.org

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Student night (featuring projects and talent from CIID and Goldsmiths)

Join us as this year's design school graduates share stories from their recent projects.

It's always hard for students to get exposure for their work, but this year like last year, it's even harder. With limited footfall at physical degree shows we wanted to provide an opportunity for some of this year's students to show their work and tell their stories.

Expect work from London students and beyond as running an online event means we can get wider participation from across the globe.

** This event will have a nominal fee to help us cover some of our zoom costs.

# Student profiles

## Sarah Ali, CIID

Project: Kilia is an online platform designed for Costa Ricans to engage with the taboo topic of Sex Work.

The platform is co-created with 60 sex workers from across the country.

Using an interactive 3D sound space, users can hear the stand point of sex workers on their basic rights.

Costa Rica is a country where everyone has access to healthcare & education, as always, some groups are left behind.

Bio: From London, with origins in India & Pakistan, Sarah has a background in interactive and immersive experiences. Recently she has graduated from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

sarahali.glitch.me/ [masked])
www.sarahaliportfolio.com [masked])

## Nina Shenoy, CIID

Project: AnthropoScene is a tangible installation that highlights the loss of wildlife especially due to anthropogenic causes. This project was part of our course at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Bio: Nina is an interaction designer with a background in visual communication.


## David Alvarez, CIID

Project: ‘Reframe’ is a service that schools use to help their 13-year-old students to reframe situations in a more positive way. The intervention finds inspiration in existing mental health tools such as the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model, and its intention is making mental health a priority from an early age.

Bio: From Costa Rica, David is an interaction designer with a background in business and experience in Venture Capital and fintech. As a designer, David approaches problem-solving with intentionality and is keen in exploring how design interventions can help people to become their best selves.

## Adrian Everett, Goldsmiths

Project: I’m working with Artangel, a charitable funded arts organisation to propose a user-centred service based on digital giving, looking at how technology can help democratise philanthropy.

Bio: I’m studying MSc User Experience Engineering at Goldsmiths, with a background of graphic design and marketing in the healthcare sector, and freelance with charities.


## Elena Koftaylova, Goldsmiths

Project: Designing a product concept and prototypes for integrating an innovative AI product through qualitative and quantitative research methods. This project is a part of the MSc UX Engineering thesis at Goldsmiths, University of London, with a London-based FinTech startup.

Bio: Elena has a proven record in digital transformation, and defining a product vision, model governance, and project management in financial services, including a recent experience in the Data Science domain.


## Stoney Tianshi Xie, Goldsmiths

Project: “From music creation to perfume making: Design of the interactable fragrance player”-- My design aims to improve users’ moods on a daily basis by the use of olfactory effectiveness. It is more than a digital player, but turning the user's own music creation into personalized fragrance.

Bio: With a background of physics and music dual undergraduate degrees from University of Michigan (US), I am currently studying UX Engineering M.S. at Goldsmiths, University of London. My specialty is to research interdisciplinary academic fields for design creativity, so as to solve problems within novel approaches.

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