Live 15-minute Jenkins Demos, Part 2

Jenkins Online Meetup
Jenkins Online Meetup
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We are back with a second set of 15 minute Jenkins demos. Hopefully everyone find this content useful. We are also looking for ideas for future Jenkins Online Meetups events. Please leave suggestions in the comments section below or if you have cool Jenkins chops to share, let us know ( as well.

WHERE: YouTube Live ( Recording will available shortly after the session. Use the same link ( for the recording.

WHEN: Tuesday November 7 @ 8AM PDT | 16:00 UTC

Q&A | chat on #jenkins IRC Channel ( Questions related to this meetup should be marked "JOM" as there are other technical discussions taking place on this channel.

8:00 - 8:05am PDT Introduction- Liam Newman ( (5 min)

8:05 - 8:20am PDT Holistic Pipelines, Promoting Docker Images Toward Production - Michael Huttermann ( (15 min)

8:20 - 8:40am PDT Stephen Connolly ( Attempt to Fix a Bug in 20 min.

8:40 - 9:00am PDT Unit testing Jenkins pipelines (20 min) - Ozan Gunalp (

9:00 - 9:20am PDT Tales of Training: Scaling CodeLabs with Swarm Mode and Docker-Compose - Damien Duportal ( (20 min)

9:20 - 9:35am PDT CloudBees Jenkins Advisor - Liam Newman ( (15 min)

Closing - Liam Newman (

Demo Description:

Holistic pipelines, promoting Docker images toward production
In this session we'll emphasize the importance of holistic pipelines to manage the degree of maturity of all artifact types. We particularly discuss Docker images, and based on examples, we learn how Jenkins and its ecosystem can help you to manage the entire lifecycle of your Docker images, from creation to running in production.

Unit Testing Jenkins Pipelines

In this session I'll showcase how to use the PipelineUnit framework to develop and unit test Jenkins pipelines, without leaving the IDE.

Tales of Training: Scaling CodeLabs with Swarm Mode and Docker-Compose

Why "code lab workshop" or live demos are always such a challenge? A wise sysadmin once told me: “Get your hand dirty with the production to learn”. So I'd like to share with you a story of getting hands dirty, by creating a code lab environment considered as production. This story will show that we can build a reproducible environment for code-lab workshops, by using the Docker “tools”: the Engine, Swarm Mode, Docker-Compose, Moby, LinuxKit. Following the spirit of “Play With Docker”, but generalized at any service collection, this Codelab toolkit has been used on code-labs workshops of 120+ people. The lessons learned will give you an idea on how a training environment can be efficiently done with Compose and Swarm Mode, by treating it as a “production” platform, tackling the plumbing “youth” limitations for the better of your use case. As a trainer, I never learned so much than building something to teach someone else: I'd like to share with you the tale of using Docker as a tool of MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE SHARING, which is the root of growing our industry together.

CloudBees Jenkins Advisor

CloudBees recently released CloudBees Jenkins Advisor, a free service that analyzes your Jenkins environment, identifies potential issues and advises you on how to resolve those issues before they impact your software delivery process.
- Install the CloudBees Jenkins Advisor plugin
- Setup the CloudBees Jenkins Advisor service to notify us when it finds issues
- Fix an issue using information provided by the service
- Review the types of issues that the service detects