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Hi there,

I love cooking and I love to socialize, meeting new people from different backgrounds. A while back I got this cooking book called "Jerusalem". The book’s recipes are traditional in Jerusalem, or loosely inspired by the city, gathering influences from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish cooks who live there, with flavors from almost everywhere else: Iran, Poland, Syria, Italy.

I tried a few recipes with friends and they were all super tasty. Now I would love to take two dishes at each Meetup, simply cook them and have a big dinner together. Probably two-weekly until we've done it all.

The Meetups take place at my kitchen/ living room in Flingern-Nord, Düsseldorf. I got a big dinner table for four/five people. Recipes will be published a week before the Meetup, I buy all the ingredients, we share costs, cook together. Done.

Photos of the events can be found on our Instagram channel: https://www.instagram.com/cookbook_duesseldorf/

The purpose of this Meetup is primarily to cook amazing dishes, socialize, meeting new people through cooking. Please join, if you love food and if you have an open-mind.

For a full review of the book, check out the review by the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/31/dining/j...

Even though, I am German, I do post in English to attract an international crowd. Throughout the Meetup we will speak the language that all of us have in common. Since this is most likely to be English, you should feel comfortable to speak English the whole night!

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Tom's kitchen + dining table

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