The Wheel of Progress - A hands on tool for JTBD research.

Jobs to be Done Meetup
Jobs to be Done Meetup
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Following Bob's talk on his latest book, we're going to be showcasing the best new thinking and frameworks for applying Jobs to be Done to your business.

Bob Moesta is a tough act to follow, but I love what Eckhart Boehme is doing with The Wheel of Progress. It applies some of the key ideas from Bob's work and creates a practical tool for identifying customer jobs.

Since its launch in October 2019, The Wheel of Progress® (WoP) has supported JTBD practitioners in gaining an understanding of what progress customers are seeking. The Wheel of Progress aims to provide a systematic approach to research based on the Jobs to Be Done theory. Its goal is to facilitate the customer research process while creating actionable insights.

This is a really hands-on tool that I know many people from this community have been asking for! Eckhart promises to walk through his step-by-step process which breaks down the complex task of interviewing, analyzing, consolidating, and evaluating research results. It's a collaborative process that can be used for product development, marketing, and sales.

As always there will be a Q&A so everyone in this community has the opportunity to ask Eckhart some questions. A Zoom link for the digital talk will be included on the Meetup page closer to the event.

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