React(Native) Meetup #8

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Schlosskoppelweg 8 · Heikendorf

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Welcome to the eighth React(Native) Meetup Kiel. Everyone is welcome to join us, whatever your experience with React.

• Large scale open source React/Redux: Moving the Neos CMS UI from Ember to React - Christopher Hlubek

• Second talk will be announced soon™.

If anyone wants to give a talk, please contact me or let us know in the comments below. Also short talks (like lightning talks) or topics for open discussions (like problems you had or cool modules) are highly appreciated.

Our host this month is FLS (, who are graciously providing the space as well as drinks and snacks!

We're looking forward to seeing you all there!


Reaching FLS GmbH:

You can also arrive earlier (6 pm+) which may occur if you take the ferry.

There are frequent bus routes 100/101 to station „Kitzeberg“ which is located in 10 minutes walking distance (,10.2018164/FLS+GmbH,+Schlo%C3%9Fkoppelweg+8,+24226+Heikendorf/@54.3626179,10.192838,15.44z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x47b2f87ba24e0dc5:0xcb872584838ffb79!2m2!1d10.19098!2d54.36259).

FLS is also reachable by bike (10km from Kiel center) and for the way there you can use the ferry F2 from Reventlou to Dietrichsdorf (free for students) and cycle the remaining 4km. PRO TIP: Travel by ferry F1 (free for students) until „Mönkeberg“, then walk about 20 minutes (Map (,10.177896/FLS+GmbH,+Schlo%C3%9Fkoppelweg+8,+24226+Heikendorf/)). The ferry back can be reached when leaving at 21:00h.

... or simply comment the event for ride shares!