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Kotlin Meetup Vol. 5
We are happy to announce our fifth Kotlin Meetup! This time we'll meet at STARFACE. Main focus of this meetup will be: Handling Apps with Kotlin - Frontend and Backend → Abstracts Building Apps with Kotlin and MVVM (Jamit Labs - Karl Barth) Modern apps should be stable, efficient and comprehensive. But as the complexity of several views (Activities, Fragments) increases, so does the maintenance and handling of this relationship. The Model-View-View-model (MVVM) architecture pattern helps effectively separating ViewModel from the View. This ultimately eliminates problems that come along with the rotation of devices which re-create activities and resources resulting in bad performance. With low coupling and great testability features, we want to share our version of the implementation. Spring-Reactive with Kotlin (STARFACE - Andreas Haardt) An excellent Android app, when installed more than 100,000 times, needs scalable and efficient REST services. If these are to be implemented with Kotlin, the Spring Webflux framework is the best choice. We will present our 'learnings' and some simplifications which are made possible by using Kotlin. (This second part will be held in German.) → Schedule - 6.30pm: Meet & greet - 7.00pm: Building Apps with Kotlin and MVVM (Jamit Labs - Karl Barth) - 7.30pm: Drinks & food 🍕 & 🍺 - 8.00pm: Spring-Reactive with Kotlin (STARFACE - Andreas Haardt) → Call for papers We are always looking for cool TALKS and are open to suggestions and proposals from your side. We would like to have you as a speaker on a Kotlin Meetup. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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