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The group will be based around learning theoretical consciousness and applying it into business, careers, relationships, health, wealth and wisdom.

Theoretical consciousness is the pinnacle of the study of awareness that takes the practitioner into a state of super creativity, type 3 thinking. This means the individual experiences life from no limits mentality and perspective, allowing them to manifest true meaning, purpose and destiny into their lives.

Abilities of those who develop type three thinking, include states of high awarness, intuition, insight, happiness, confidence and personal power. Increased physical abilities and cognitive function, as well as drive, motivation and certainty are also felt. High levels of emotional management, empathetic understanding, and a constantly expanding awareness are synergetic with the study of theoretical consciouness.

It’s called theroretical consciousness, like theoretical physics, as it can only be based on inductive reasoning — resulting in a probability — rather than deductive reasoning — a certainty. The principles of TC are founded in a branch of philosophy called existentialism, however the development of the subject has moved further into all aspects of our existence, including quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics and theology.

Theoretical consciousness starts with an understanding of identity in the context of the reality we all share, within eternity. It’s base revolves around developing progressive rather than regressive thought, as well as creative rather than destructive action.

The group would suit anyone.. beginner or more advanced, who would like to move towards a limitless life rather than limited by internal and external factors. The basic starting point of thought within the study of TC I’ve laid out below so you can feel if the group is for you or not.


Set out your intention firmly in your mind of what it is that you want in life, it’s value to you, and what you are prepared to exchange for that desire. There is always a transactional value in the universe. The bigger the intention or wish, the more wealth, love or time has to be invested/ exchanged.

Consider your resolve. Ask yourself do you really want what you are asking for, and are you prepared to invest both personally and financially, don’t be half heated, inconsistent or waffly. Think of it like you are a radio transmitter pumping out a signal. Make it strong, clear, and non ambiguous.

Your desire must be imagineered within the creative analytical mind — the objective tool of your higher self; but it must also be emotioneered within your heart centre, the electricity, the energy that gives life to your idealisations. Thoughts without an emotional charge are like empty bullets, you must charge your thoughts with as much positive emotion as you can, by creating state within your body as you think.

Be very careful of your thoughts and words. Both are powerfully predictive when in state, as well as being self defeating if you do not apply your consciousness in noticing, noticing your thoughts. The universe requires a clear message. The more you dilute your thoughts, or contradict your thoughts the more you will undermine your ability to manifest.

Apply your full mind. Focus your thoughts on what you desire, feel the emotions your thoughts give you, and amplify the effect. Be constant committed and confident. Don’t doubt, second guess, or undermine your thoughts. Don’t give in to doubt, delay, distraction, denial. Don’t fear failed expectations or disappointment.

Imagineer the future in every detail possible, without compromise. The sounds, the sights, the sensations, bring everything into your mind that you can that will enhance the mental representation of what it is in your mind’s eye.

Be aware, you cannot change the past, but you can change your perspective of it. The past only exists within your memories through your perception filter of the time; and back-rationalised through the perception filter you are currently using. The past can only control you if you choose it to. A natural brain activity for survival is forgetting information that is no longer relevant. In our modern world we subvert this by holding onto pain and emotions from the past as well as useless information for egotistical purposes, thus we negate our ability to act fully in the present, to look for, recognise, and act on opportunity.

You cannot change a reality once it’s been created within your current reality. This means if the events of the past were set in a reactive state of ‘no thinking’, the reality within the context of what you have already created cannot be changed. As an example, if someone does not love you within you previous reality, you cannot reimagineer that they do. A path has already been set and a context formed.

Our minds are like artists boards, and to be a great artist you have to practice painting pictures in your mind of what you would like in your reality. A great artist does not second guess, doubt or question. They are just in flow and in the zone. Consciousness is exactly the same. Your either out of touch, waffling or in deep.

Time within the universe and thought is irrelevant — so we have to be patient. Thus we can only create an intention and continue to bring it to the forefront of the analytical mind, and until that intention manifests we must stay resolute.

Doors will open and may seemingly taking us in the wrong direction, yet once we step through, new doors can open and take us to the destination we have in mind. All we have to do, is see a door and step through. For it will only open for a while for you to see it and take action, and then close. Manifesting desired realities requires movement, not waiting for the perfect door with walk this way on it.

Look for coincidences and messages hidden within conversations, people and information. These will guide you and reassure you, you are on the right path.

The universe is like a machine with billions of cogs, you are the operator placing you intention into the machine like a raw material. The machine then begins to move people and events to manifest that intention, but you have an active role as each cog moves and opens a door for you to walk through. Thus don’t forget to move.

Understanding and mastering your personal, social, universal, environmental and situational dynamics is essential before you engage this process.

These are the basics of advanced consciousness — for those who are in State and mastered State. State is a frequency of thought that is of the moment and not governed by unconscious belief patterns, limiting perspectives or life dynamics. To achieve State, one must first exercise the mind, wake it up and away from ego and inauthentic identities; move it out of time spent in process and goal subservient mindsets, through introspective questioning, into super creativity/type three thinking.

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