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LLVM Social #13: Clang tooling in Qt Creator
Note: Please mind the weekday! We are breaking with our last Thursdays tradition. We had to move the meetup to TUESDAY in order to avoid collisions with other events in the MozSpace. Let's discuss if we can stick with last Tuesdays also in the future. We are happy to have Ivan Donchevskii talking about Clang tooling in IDEs based on his experiences in developing Qt Creator. Once again we will be gathering in MozSpace and may go out for drinks afterwards. The talk will cover several ways the different Clang libraries and tools can be used to provide information necessary for C++ IDE, challenges coming with these libraries integration and problems we have yet to solve. Looking forward to welcome everyone at the time of your convenience.

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    For everybody who is interested in LLVM, compilers, languages, and related fields/projects. Intention of this meetup is to get in touch with other developers, learn, share knowledge, and involve more people into the wonderful world of magic, dragons, and undefined behavior.

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