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LSD.party is a www.LSD.shop (https://lsd.shop) group for people who are interested in psychedelics but haven't tried it yet due to safety concerns or want to experience LSD in a different type of environment. We provide a safe environment with luxurious amenities that most people don't have when they trip at home alone.

We meet to discuss LSD and other psychedelics and we consume 1cP-LSD (legal) to experience the effects of psychedelics. Carl Philipp Trump is the experienced trip sitter plus we have one other experienced facilitator. Our ratio is one trip sitter per two trippers.

The experience happens in one of Berlin's leading hotels (5-star level) so that luxury things like a swimming pool, a sauna and optionally a massage can be explored. We can order most kind of food and enjoy a great view over Berlin or a walk in the Tiergarten. Join us for a safe trip experience.

Cost per person: 250 € (4 people max per event)

Cost per individual trip-sitting: 1,000 € (max one individual, only one trip sitter, two possible if wanted)

Our 1cP-LSD is delivered by www.LSD.store

Hotels are not known before the event as hotels might deny us access if they know we will consume drugs in their room.

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