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LTUX Berlin is a friendly and informal group of women/non binary people who share an interest in User Experience and other related topics. We aim to provide an inspiring and supportive environment in our regular events where you will create strong networks, discover new skills and learn from each other and from experts.



What is Ladies That UX?
We are part of the global Ladies that UX community which is a strong global network active in over 50 cities around the globe.

Ladies that UX Berlin is a friendly and informal group of women* in Berlin, who share an interest in User Experience and related topics. There is no need to promote yourself. Our goal is to learn, connect and support each other by organizing regular meetups.

LTUX Global: http://ladiesthatux.com/
LTUX Berlin: http://ladiesthatux.com/berlin/


I don't work in UX, but interested to learn about UX, can I still join?

Yes, we welcome people from all backgrounds or expertise.


I am a man - can I attend your meetups?

We are focused on women, so we don’t actively advertise it to men. Why? We want to create a safe space for women and value a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing their experience. We believe that it is necessary for underrepresented groups in tech to have a space for themselves where they get support and can grow. Also, the feedback we got from the community showed that this is important.
However, if you are a man and do show up to our meetups as an attendee, we explain that you can stay (up to a certain number like 2 or 3) but it would be great if you respect the focus of the event when attending.


Can I speak at your meetups?

We welcome presentation or workshop proposals. Please reach out at berlin@ladiesthatux.com or via meetup. As our concept is to promote female talent, we accept proposals from women only.


How do I stay in touch with the community after the meetups?

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladiesthatuxber

Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ltuxber

Like our Facebook page to stay up to date https://www.facebook.com/ltuxber/


I organize a conference/event that your members might be interested. How can we work together?

We love to establish mutually beneficial relationships with local and international events. As we get partnership requests on a regular basis, we've put together a Partners' Guide ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nq5f2oc66xtsc8/2018_event_partners.pdf?dl=0 ) that details what's required and how to move forward.


I'm looking for female speakers for my conference/event. Can you help?

That's great to hear and we'd love to help! Please see the Partners' Guide ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nq5f2oc66xtsc8/2018_event_partners.pdf?dl=0 ) and let us know the details of your event and what kind of speakers you're looking for.

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