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We want to create a community of LeSS practitioners and interested people, with deep learning about LeSS to enable people to succeed with their LeSS adoptions and increase interest in LeSS.

One intention is, that practitioners share insights how they do LeSS and tell stories what they did and what worked or worked not for them. Besides that, we will dig deep into certain aspects of the LeSS framework.

We love to have some different session types like a fireside chat, workshops, talks, LeSS-related games or even a company visit.

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LeSS Talk "Maximizing Dependencies with Interdependent Teams" by Bas Vodde

>>There are no more seats available. You can still register but you will only be put onto the waiting list.<<

Bas Vodde, one of the creators of LeSS, will come to Munich and give a talk about how to get Agile to work.
We need to reduce dependencies to create independent teams, right? That is common sense - and it is wrong.
When multiple teams work on one product, the teams need to work closely together to ensure it truly becomes one product. Teams need to learn from each other, help each other, and together build one product.

However, many people and teams have bad experiences with dependencies. Dependencies seem to block us from making progress. It doesn't have to be that way!

Bas will talk about how teams can work together and what enables this kind of collaboration.

Unfortunately, there are no more seats available. You can still register to be put onto the waiting list.

A Meet-up with Bas

Valtech Munich

Learn from the creator of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS). A unique meetup in Munich, Germany.

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The "Meet-up with Bas" will be hosted in the cozy Valtech office event area. We will open the bar too, if you want to mingle and connect with other practitioners and Bas.

While in Munich, Bas will run two more events:


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