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Learn the basic elements of Street Photography.

If you've ever been interested in this exciting genre, here's an opportunity to hit the pavement with two experienced New York photographers. We'll help you explore and develop your skills in a small, friendly group setting at select target rich, locations around the city.

The workshop will be focused on the artistic elements and principles that set Street Photography aside from other art forms. The day will be packed with information and a hands-on Photoshop lesson to follow at the end of each session. Basic technical assistance will also be provided.

Come join the fun and take control of the creative process!

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http://stevehillphoto.com/ (http://stevehillphoto.com/)

The workshops will be limited to the first 12 people who sign up, for a small fee of $35.

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SoHo-Street Photography & Moody Cityscapes

Greene Street at the corner of Canal

40,00 $
Central Park- SPRING STREET Photography-Capturing Strangers, and Basics

Central Park at Merchant's Gate Entrance

40,00 $
Grand Central Terminal-Architectural-Street Style-Basics

Grand Central Terminal

40,00 $