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We are people passionate about delicious food and good conversation; food being vegan just make things more colorful (and the conversations more interesting and controversial)! You only need to have interest in exploring vegan food; no prior experience required XD We meet up regularly for a monthly dinner (or lunch or brunch..) in Restaurant/Vokü/cafes in Leipzig (Stammtisch), and organize various events to eat, chat and chill over tasty treats. Anything from picnics, potlucks, dinner clubs, brunch, tea time, cooking/baking together, bake sales, to lunchtime cafeteria-meet up, but also drawing, movies, bookclub, hiking, camping, outdoors, any kind of sports... whatever you want to do with the group of people who enjoy exploring vegan food is possible. Feel free to suggest any meetings (food or non-food related) other than the regular dinners (Stammtisch). And also suggestions on the places we could go for the Stammtisch (any place with vegan options) are more than welcome! See you all soon. :)

You can also find us here on facebook. It might be updated more frequently with discussions and stuff but I'll also try to update events here every time! https://www.facebook.com/groups/veganleipzig

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Vegan Bake Sale at Uni Leipzig
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Between Campus Biblothek (library) and the exit of Mensa am Park, Hörsaalgebäude, Campus Augustusplatz

First vegan bake sale of the Semester to promote veganism and our new Events & the petition! Please let us know if you can help out (bake and/or being at the stand) and which day is good for you by signing up on DOODLE LINK below. Just choose the dates that you can help. You don't have to be there all day. 30min or 1 hour would also be great. We will make a further doodle for the schedule once a date is fixed. Even if you can't help with baking & being at the stand, do drop by between your classes, study breaks and visit to the city center to treat yourself and support us. Thanks. :) (between 10th-13th of April, 2017) http://doodle.com/poll/znmkhh3nc9yfsie6 *If you haven't signed up our Petition for Mensa, please do so and share it with your friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors and strangers..... (oh I also saw vegan cheese at Mensa am Park! but still just the frozen apple cake hmmf) https://www.openpetition.de/petition/online/petition-fuer-veganes-gebaeck-in-den-mensen-und-cafeterien-des-studentenwerks-Leipzig *We have a film evening, bake sale, buddy program, cooking event and more being planned from April. Everyone (doesn't need to be a student) can join the organization meeting to make these happen. We can use every bits of help (baking, hanging out at the stand, organizing buddy programs, leading/helping the cooking event, making flyers.. etc). XD Have a look what my interest you. Thankssss! https://univeg.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/protokoll-01-03-2017/

Film Evening - Vegan Group at University
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We are thinking of 25th or the 27th of April, Tuesday or Thursday. Which day is better? http://doodle.com/poll/ceiswxxg92kgh8ft - Forks Over Knives, Live and Let Live, Tommorrow, The Ghosts in Our Machines and Cowspiracy. These are the movies pre-selected by Jose. Thank you! You can find the detailed description and the Trailer links from the protocol. we will start an online poll from April so that ppl can choose which movies they want to see.. and then finish the poll on the bake sale day with an offline poll during the Event. Then the film evening will be in 2 weeks, after the Easters.

June Stammtisch
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Let's meet up, eat and get to know each other (or catch up on old friends)! When shall we meet and where shall we goooo? I thought about vokü at Kulthum for the first option since we haven't been there yet but other options are also fine! Choose a date that suits you the best! http://doodle.com/poll/97q52f2ph7h6tbgg

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March Vegan Potluck

Our living room in Lindenau

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