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We are the 80+ members of Lieferando's Tech team - we’re passionate about the technologies we use in our work, the Agile methods that help us get things done, and the diverse teams and practices that make it all possible. We host meetups to share our pizza and enthusiasm, and to learn from you!


Lieferando.de is part of the Takeaway.com group, the leading online food delivery marketplace focused on connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform. Takeaway.com is the intersection of supply and demand for food delivery and ordering.


Some of the topics and technologies that our team and guest speakers are likely to talk about: Java, Swift, Android, React, Docker, Microservices, Responsive Web Design, AWS, Go, Kubernetes, Kafka, AWS, Scala, Python, Open Source, Machine learning, Big data, Cassandra and APIs Engineering.

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Advanced React – Virtual DOM and Performance


We are happy and excited to host Vitali Zaidman, Senior Web Developer, React, and JavaScript leader. In this session, Vitali will give a 1-hour talk about advanced React- virtual DOM and Performance. The Virtual DOM is roughly what we generate through the renders of React components. But React is designed in a way where we don’t usually need to care about what exactly happens as a result of these renders. This lecture aims to explain the relationships between different React elements- a concept that would help us reveal React patterns where performance might be an issue, and how to handle them. This event will be held in English. Please register through this link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/716963352292134416 See you there! ___________________________________________________________________________ Interested in giving a talk in one of our events? Contact us! [masked] or [masked]

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