OpenShift-Build-Pipelines: Build -> Test -> Run!

Veranstaltet von Lightweight Java User Group München

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A reliable test infrastructure is half the battle to get stable tests into your delivery pipeline. Therefore container technologies like Docker can help to build up an immutable deployment and test infrastructure. If you think one step further, you will soon get to the point where scalability came into your glance. To get this challenge done, something like a container-based CI/CD environment will be needed. Therefore we will take a look at the open-source solution "OpenShift". The container platform combined the Jenkins build pipeline and Kubernetes concepts to a ready-to-use CI/CD solution. The talk will show what of the platform components can be used to build up your self-hosted automated build, test and deployment pipeline. In a live demo session we will build a microservice application, unit test it, deploy it, execute API integration tests and at least run real UI-Tests in dockerized desktop containers.

BIO Tobias:
Organizer of "Agile Testing @Munich" Meetup, co-founder of the open source E2E testing framework Sakuli and enthusiastic tech geek who loves open source and cloud native technologies.