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Linux Meetup Leipzig #6: Container Runtimes

Linux Meetup Leipzig #6: Container Runtimes


The second episode of this series of blog posts and talks is primary scoped to container runtimes, where we will start with their historic origins before digging deeper into two dedicated projects: runc and CRI-O. We will initially build up a great foundation about how container runtimes work under the hood by starting with the lower level runtime runc. Afterwards, we will utilize the more advanced runtime CRI-O to run Kubernetes native workloads, but without even running Kubernetes at all.


Essen und Getränke sind vor Ort. 🦄🍕🥤
Food and drinks are on site. 🦄🍕🥤

Steibs Hof Nikolaistraße. 28-30 · Leipzig, al
6 spots left