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Living Talk #1 | Deep Learning
Deep Learning has gained a lot of traction lately, in particular due to its huge successes in image recognition. At the core it’s still neural networks, which exists for over 50 years now. But recent progresses in the models and larger datasets have brought it one step closer to its original goal: Artificial Intelligence. In this meetup talk you will learn about the fundamentals of deep learning. It will give you a basic understanding of AI-driven products, the codes behind it and what it can ACTUALLY do for you (and what it cannot do).

Livingdocs AG

Tellstrasse 31 · Zürich

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    Living Talks, initiated by Livingdocs, is a meetup where we dive into the world of emerging technologies and trends in the world of digitalization - and how they will affect businesses. We will takle cutting-edge developments related to but not necessarily rooted in Information Technology.

    Examples are deep learning, quantum computing, self-driving cars, space rocket design, CRISPR engineering, neuroscience, zero-emission data centers and many more!

    We host these intriguing talks with deep insights and engaging discussions over snacks and drinks - we'd love for you to join us!

    Guest speakers are very welcome. Please contact us at contact@livingdocs.io .

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