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Welcome to LBAG, a popular community data and analytics interest group. We started in July 2014 and have had so far over 50 talks and events. We aim to be a gentle introductions to accessible to everybody - we mostly avoid deep dives into an technical topic.

Meetings usually start at 6:30pm and last for one hour and there is some time for drinks, chat and networking afterwards. You can watch videos of a few previous talks a t https://skillsmatter.com/groups/10662-london-business-analytics-group#past_events.

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The Five Stages of Data: a holistic approach to data analytics and BI

Please sign up also on the event location website at https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/12750-london-business-analytics-group - this is a requirement of the venue - you will not be able to attend if you don't. With 98% of the world's data created in just the past two years and an ever-expanding software and tech landscape, people are rightly excited to the point of evangelical about Big Data, BI, Machine Learning, Automation and what it can bring to their businesses. In 2019, you hear little of 'gut-feeling'-driven decision making... But the race to be data-drive has obstacles, both for businesses managing their data assets and analytics teams, and for individuals looking for their dream job. The sheer abundance of buzzwords, technologies and languages out there makes it harder for a company or data professional to set and achieve their specific goals, and mistakes aren't cheap! Between them, Slav Laskowski and Ned Stratton have over 15 years of experience in strategic, analytical and technical roles in data, working in numerous sectors. They believe that the key to success isn't in rushing to hire a football team of data scientists or buying expensive data science tools all at once. Instead, using data well within a business hinges on a framework made up of five inter-dependent steps. The framework is called UCOVI: Understand, Collect, Organise, Visualise, Interpret. Their talk will outline and expand on these steps and the skills, technology and people needed to do them well. It is a must-see for anyone who wants to: • identify missing links in their data, be it staff, process or skills. • make more use of data resources for insight • build or re-build ETL and analytics processes in their business • know the disciplines they or their staff need to up-skill in to progress • just find out more about the role of data within an organisation Speakers: Slawomir Laskowski and Ned Stratton Slav is an innovative and creative data/analytics leader with a history of commercially beneficial analytics solutions. Has a strong belief that data is at the heart of every modern business. He has experience with delivering data solutions for several firms including DHL, Sainsburys, Williams Lea, and Ernst & Young. He is currently Director of Data at GovNet Communications, where he is using his experience to unlock the true potential of their data by getting the foundations for digital transformation in place. Ned Stratton: Ned has 5 years’ experience in data quality management, analytics, and database management in finance, events and media, and politics. Currently in financial services, he works in SQL, Power BI and Python. His latest pet project is a data-driven results and goal-scoring prediction model for league football matches across Europe, which has taken over from the Tinder dating database that he gave an LBAG talk on in July 2018.

Power BI Training - Visualising Data

Microsoft Reactor

External registration required https://ti.to/london-business-analytics-group/power-bi-training-visualising-data We will email you about a week beforehand to confirm your place. We do this because these events are always massively oversubscribed but many people who register for a free event like this do not turn up on the day - so we want to avoid having a waiting list and a half empty room. We look forward to seeing you on the 6th December. This is a free full day training to Power BI for people who work with data, no matter what their job title is. The focus is on creating interesting, insightful and possibly even entertaining visualisations. We are expecting about 80 people. Visualisation is a team sport so we will have teams of six around a table with a big monitor. We'll provide some interesting datasets and there will be several expert Power BI coaches to help and inspire you. It starts at 9:30am and will finish at 4pm. Attendees will need to bring a laptop with the latest version of Power BI Desktop on it. Download from https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/ - it's free. We will provide a course agenda and course datasets a few days before the course. We will provide sandwiches for lunch and coffees and snacks will be available. This date was originally planned as a "Power BI/AI" event but we've had lots of requests for a visualisation event - we've moved the AI event to February.

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