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A group for women working in the Technology space who are interested in making connections and working to empower themselves and each other. We aim to develop and inspire women to move up the career ladder and create more gender diversity in the upper levels of management.

We focus specifically on soft skill professional development and meet each month to discuss topics related to common themes affecting us such as self development, public speaking, work/life balance, gaining authority etc. We often have wonderful speakers in to inspire us and coaches to lead us with practical workshops.

We welcome both female and male members and attendees!

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3 Things You Need To Know Before Asking For a Promotion Or Pay Rise

Skills Matter at CodeNode

Have you ever asked for a promotion or pay rise? According to research only 22% of women have asked compared to 42% of men. Not only can earning more or being promoted make a huge difference to your earnings over a lifetime but, when you feel valued and recognised at work it gives a great boost to your job fulfilment. In this interactive session Career and Confidence Coach Jo Painter will share how to confidently prepare and ask for a pay rise or promotion without being aggressive, even if you’re worried that they’ll say no You will leave knowing: - What is holding you back from asking - What you need to prepare before asking - When is a good time to ask - What to say - What to do if the answer is No Plus the motivation to Just Ask! ----------- RSVPs will open exactly 30 days before the event LondonTechLadies events are open to anyone - men & women from any industry or background are welcome. ---------- Jo Painter Is the UK’s leading Career, Leadership and Confidence Coach She's spent years researching and studying successful career women to develop programmes which achieve amazing results for the thousands of senior career women she’s worked with. She has a passion for supporting professional women who feel they're not getting the progress, recognition and fulfilment they deserve. She appears regularly in the press, on Sky News and various PR campaigns and has worked with many organisations such as Amazon, Ford and Lloyds Banking Group speaking about the challenges for women in the workplace and how they can overcome them. If you’d like to connect with Jo, you can book a Career Breakthrough call at www.speakwithjo.com

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Design Your Authentic Personal Style for the Workplace

Skills Matter at CodeNode

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