Worum es bei uns geht

What is a challenge?
What is your challenge?
What is your REAL challenge?

M.E is your weekly 2-hours escape from overthinking, stressing and running around!
Something like a "mind spa"!

During the event you will:

∙ Calm your mind 🧘🏼‍♂️ (don't worry we show you how)
∙ Take a journey inwards 🌍
∙ Be real and brave 🏋🏻‍♂️
∙ Expand your horizons 🧠
∙ And take action towards your solutions 🥊

The results are IMPRESSIVE!

Are you up for a challenge?? 😉


What previous participants say:

"From this session, I have understood some key parts of my daily behaviour on which I have to work on in order to improve further myself in our pursue of happiness and of the well being. I would strongly recommend these sessions for anyone seeking a certain balance in life." JB from France

"I love it that I can be 3 hours without looking at my phone just focusing on myself", DP from Poland

“The session was a great stepping stone towards self-realization and helped me understand, observe, and reflect on my mind more clearly.” MN from Iran

"I just heard the song first day of my life. The song sounds exciting after the last evening ", CS from Switzerland

"For me an interesting event to see how other people deal with different challenges and it was great to have been listened to. Also, great energy and music was very appropriate." EK from Estonia


~Date: every Monday starting October 15th
(except Monday 29.10.2018)
~Time: 19:00-21:00
(+ free time for networking in the end of the event)
~Location: LangstrassenKultur Langstrasse 113, 8004 Zürich
~Facilitator: Aliki Ko
~Cost: donation based


*The event aims to support the free exchange of knowledge through the platform of Karma Tribe
More details here: https://karmatribe.com

*After the event, a series of non-alcoholic cocktails 🍹 especially created for the event will be available at the bar, as well as regular drinks and spirits. You can choose the price to pay!

More details here: https://karmatribe.com/m-e-events/

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Startup Grind & M.E


I am excited to announce the collaboration between M.E (Mindful Experience) and Startup Grind Zurich!! On the 22.01 the trully inspiring inventor of Swatch will be sharing his real story behind his life and career, but before we listen to him... ...we will have the chance to experience a MINDFUL NETWORKING session! During 30 min we will exercise the ability to create deep connections that remain present for long after the event and can generate valuable business oportunities. For the participants of the previous session I guarranteed a discount to attend both mindfulness session and fireside chat in the price of just the chat!! More information and discounted tickets here: https://www.startupgrind.com/events/details/startup-grind-zurich-presents-elmar-mock-the-swatchmaker//#/code-discount_ME See you there 😊

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M.E (Mindful Experience)


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