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Welcome to MSFT Stack, the home of Microsoft (ish) talks in Cardiff. Join us for learning and networking!

• We cover everything from Azure to Zune, if folks are interested in the topic and we can find a speaker on the subject.

• Join us on slack (http://cardiffdev.herokuapp.com/)to chat, get help, or get into speaking or organising.

• Our most common meetup format is presentations in the evenings but we're always open to doing more - if you have an idea about topics for talks or new formats, talk to us as you can help us make your wish a reality :-)

• Steph, Katy, Chris, Mike, Amit at the other folks who make MSFT Stack events happen, work towards making them as welcoming and safe as possible. If you ever encounter a problem, message one or more of the organisers and we'll work on making it right.

We hope to see you soon!

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