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Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic there are no "real" meetups until further notice!
We have moved completely to the digital space and will host meetups remotely to ensure everyone´s safety.

Machine learning in healthcare is exciting! However, this type of research in Berlin is fragmented throughout the whole city, with many lonely researchers and developers working on their own. We are bringing an end to these research siloes! Thus, if you are actively working on a machine learning or machine learning based A.I. project in healthcare or medicine, we invite you to our Berlin Institute of Health(BIH)-endorsed meetup. If you are a machine learning expert and want to join out of interest in the topic of healthcare, that is of course also fine! In our monthly meetups, we will present ML in healthcare projects taking place in Berlin and discuss together the challenges and opportunities. There will also be lots of room for technical discussions in our Q&A session and time to mingle, learn from each other and develop new collaborations. Regularly, we will invite leading experts in the field to share their insights with us. Working in healthcare we all face similar challenges; we are establishing a Berlin machine learning community to provide professional support, a platform to share ideas and a fertile ground for collaborations. To ensure the quality and focus of the meetup, only machine learning researchers and developers who are either actively working on a healthcare topic or are interested in healthcare topics are eligible. Also, due to space limitation the meetups will be restricted to around 30 people.
The meetups will generally take place in the “Atrium” conference room of the BIH, 5th floor of the Spreepalais, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin. There will also be the classic "Pizza and Beer".

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