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The members of this group are generally in their 20/30s (most members are 25-35). There are no age restrictions for joining this meetup group. The main goals of this group are to meet new people and make new friends. There are a variety of different activities going on and you're welcome to suggest and host an event. We are looking forward to exploring the Bay Area with everyone. :)

Feel free to suggest a meetup if you want to do something. No dating events or paid advertising is allowed.

If you're not going to show up to an event, please change your RSVP, comment or text the event host. Each events have certain rules and restrictions, please make sure to read each event descriptions.

I will never charge a membership fee, but donations are welcome. https://secure.meetup.com/Make-New-Friends-... (https://secure.meetup.com/Make-New-Friends-in-the-Bay/contribute/)

Also, this is NOT a dating or singles only meetup group so if you start to get creepy or make others feel uncomfortable, I will have to remove/ban you. Do not harass or message people for their photos. If you get reported, you will be deleted, banned and reported to Meetup. We are here to make friends and if you have other intentions, then this group is not for you.

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Be Hip! Dance Hip Hop :)

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Paintball @ Santa Clara Paintball Fields!

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Board game night

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