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A developer get-together Berlin is a center not just of music consumption, but musical creativity, paired with an extraordinary technological scene. Let's get together.

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Making creative apps requires more than other apps - microphones and latency, MIDI and inter-app audio and hardware compatibility all become factors. And that means we have an uncommon amount to share. Bring what you're working on for an informal, new monthly get-together of developers. Join us for: - Five-minute micro-presentations on what you're working on - Chat and networking; Q+A - A chance to try out new builds and see how your apps work with other apps and hardware - Shared hacking + coding time - Testing and live jams with the apps We'll look at code, look at ideas, have some beers, and try stuff out. All platforms welcome, expecting an emphasis on iOS and Android, but other tools can be interesting, too. If you have a proposal for a specific topic, presentation, or activity, let us know; otherwise, we expect we can hang out and find plenty to do.

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JUCE code review meetup
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After we had 2 experts from JUCE at our last meetup, that showed us the newest developments in JUCE, let's meet and look at some code together now! Everybody is asked to show and share something: a) either some code snippet, where you are unsure, if there isn't a better, smarter solution, or something you got stuck in b) or some tips, that you just discovered and you think it's worth to share with others Don't bore us with the whole story of your live ;) Keep it short and tasty. 5-10 minutes each, so we have time to discuss and drink some beers afterwards :)

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Let's meet at Superbooth 2019


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