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‘’We work together to get the best out of each other’’

Please read the information on this page carefully, in order to get the best out of this group.

Who is this group ideally for?

1- Planned Startups. If you are one step from kicking-off your start up.

2- New Startups and Founders, no matter if you sell a product or a service.

3- Experienced start-ups.

The Purpose of this group:

Do you face some problems within your start-up and you are searching for answers and people who can support you? You are dreaming big, but you do not have enough Marketing budget to compete with the big players in your market? You are wondering how to survive the start-up period until you cross the break-even point?

Those are just some questions or challenges that you may be facing when you are a company founder….But do not worry, you are not alone :)

I am Mohamed Hanbal. I am the South West Germany Champion of Public Speaking 2015, and one of North, Middle and East Europe Championship Finalists, and the founder of Hanbal Consulting Company.

The main Purpose of this group is to gather people with different expertise, who are facing different business challenges, in order to help each other and find answers.

Main Target: Each meeting should be a new experience, and must add value to the members.

What’s different about this group?

In the past, I attended lots of business meetings and Networking events, and I am sure you did also. You go there, meet new people, exchange ideas, business cards..etc., and maybe even hear a speech of a successful guest Entrepreneur. But you rarely get outside of these events with a real added value or real answers to your questions….you hear good things, but still you keep wondering about the ‘’how’’?

Something tangible to apply. And that’s why I formed this group.

No theory, just Practical. Simple give and take approach. This means that the Agendas of the meetings will be determined by you, me and other members, according to our needs and challenges. And it will not end by the end of our meetings.

How to do that?

By forming strategic partnerships and allies in order to empower ourselves and reach our targets in our own businesses as a team.

This is just a small example of what we can do together:

1- Team up and form joint Marketing and Brand Awareness events.

2- Exchange expertise and services with each other to solve problems & close gaps for each other.

3- Form clusters of similar product lines or services.

4- Brainstorm to find solutions and empower ourselves.

The official meeting Language is English, but you can use German whenever needed (mix).

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