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The M.Sc. programme in Digital Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences believes in engaging the local design community to create a place to exchange ideas between professionals, academics, and students. For this reason, we plan regular meetups during the academic year, with guest-speakers and/or students' presentations to discuss all things design. We also host open events to provide information about the programme.

With support from our Key Partners: ANWB, DigitasLBi, Informaat, VodafoneZiggo, and WWF.

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Making Friends with Things: meetup with Ernesto Oroza

During this meet-up, we will explore possibilities in our relationships with the materials around us and the byproducts of the things we create. Relationships that foster a mentality of care, emancipation from economies of extraction and conviviality between the human and non-human. Together with our special guests and drawing examples from art and design we will outline future imaginaries where we can take action. PROGRAMME: 18.00h Introduction by Luis Rodil Fernandez 18.05h Intervention: MENDRS by Jonnet Middleton, PhD (Lancaster University) 18.20h MAKE Festival 18.30h Ernesto Oroza 19.15h Q&A 19.30h drinks -- About Ernesto Oroza Ernesto Oroza is an artist, designer and author based in South Florida. A graduate of Havana’s Superior Institute of Design and later a professor in both Havana and Paris, his practice is geared to highlighting and critically understanding man-object interactions and the role that collective engagements with material culture have in the making of community. He has authored several books on popular creativity as expressed in tool objects and the urban environment–what he theorizes as “technological disobedience” and “architecture of necessity,” respectively. Oroza’s creative practice is grounded in community research, and he develops research methods as well as channels of dissemination that follow the vernacular practices and economic logics of his subject-objects. Oroza’s recent exhibitions and presentations include "Rupture" at Socrates Sculpture Park (New York City), “Museo Popular Concreto” at Fredric Snitzer Gallery (Miami), “The Transparent Object” at Mmuseumm (New York City), “Signos 36” at #00Bienal de La Habana (Cuba) and “Efficiency (after Papanek)” at American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora (Miami).

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