MECHANICON 2017 - Mechanical Keyboard Meetup in Frankfurt/Main


aaaaand we're back! The meetup in 2016 was so great (, let's do this again!

We found a pretty cool location for this year's meetup, the highest floor of the Silver Tower in Frankfurt (!

Thanks to our friends at CandyKeys ( there will be free pizza and drinks! 🍕🍕🍕 You can meet them at the event! They will be there in person and you can view and buy all the things they have in their shop.

Cherry ( will join us and they working on bringing a surprise to the meetup, so get excited!

GMK ( will also be at the event! They'll bring some goodies for you. :)

Cooler Master ( will be there und they will show you a brand new keyboard!

Corsair ( will join us at the event and will bring their keyboards to the exhibition!

Viper by Patriot Memory ( will be there and wants to show you their new keyboard lineup.

Stay tuned for more information on the program and location.

If you want to give a talk or have any question, please send me a message! I am glad to help! :)


Please join the group and RSVP so we can prepare the location for the right amount of people/keyboards (and to keep you up to date) :)

Also, you must provide your real name (you will be asked when you RSVP), because we will have a guest list. The name will not be made public.


Frequently Asked Questions


"I want to go by public transport, how?"
- It is an easy walk from Frankfurt main station (HBf), less than 10 minutes. But you could also use the Straßenbahn to Weser-/Münchener Straße.

"I want to go by car, where do I park?"
- Sadly, there are no dedicated parking spaces at the location. You will have to go looking in the side streets. There are also some car parks very close (, but you should check the prices first.

"I want to bring a loooot of keyboards and I don't want to carry them from my parking lot to the venue."
- Contact me, we can arrange some help for unloading and watching for your stuff! Do not just park in front of building, this will get you in trouble.

"I want to bring a lot of keyboards and I need some time to set it up properly."
- You can come up to an hour earlier, doors are open from 15:00.

"For the keyboard exhibition, will there be small cards to write down the specs?"
- Yes, we will have our cards and markers to write down the specs. You can also print your specs and we glue(?) them on the card. Here is the original template (, size of a postcard.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask!