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Simirthi Meditation
Dear Meditators, Each Tuesday evening you are all most welcome to come to Simirthi Meditation - no previous experiences are needed. Simirthi is a Sanskrit word that means - self remembrance. It is a process of sitting in rest and remembering one's self. The discipline is an essential effort of an individual who consciously decides to participate in their personal growth. It is an invitation to remember who we really are. A quorum is set for people to come together for themselves, by themselves. There will be a breathing exercise, a lecture and two sittings of 15 min. each. Depending on the participants, the language is English or German. We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions, do not to hesitate to contact us. Please RSVP. Warm regards, Roger [masked]


Riedhofstrasse 354 1st Floor - Right · 8049 Zürich

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We invite all those who are interested in Meditation and Personal Transformation.

Join us for Programs and Activities that cater to the evolution of man's consciousness through meditation, mastery, awakening and Enlightenment. The work that is offered here is not just for the mind but also to go beyond it. This oasis of transformation, is dedicated to the awakening of the individual with the realization that as individual awakens, so does humanity.

"Everyone is born with the possibility of realising their own masterhood but so few ever stumble upon it. This is so because most are unaware of their own inner workings, the secret and inner possibilities. All this simply
comes to light when one knows how to awaken it. This is what this knowledge and discipline is about."
- Dhyan Vimal

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