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Ce groupe s'adresse à tous ceux qui sont intéressés par la réalité virtuelle. Sachant, que cette technologie est en pleine expansion, nous cherchons à créer une communauté en Suisse afin que les participants échangent leur expérience et leur vision sur l'avenir de la réalité virtuelle. Durant les meetings, vous aurez l'opportunité d'essayer différents appareils de réalité virtuelle tels que HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR ou encore Oculus Rift mais aussi de déguster de bonnes bières et passer un bon moment. Nous allons inviter occasionnellement des experts dans le domaine qui pourront partager leur connaissance avec vous.
This group is intended for anyone who are interested in Virtual Reality. This technology is expanding and we look forward to create a Swiss community in order to exchange experiences and vision on the future of virtual reality between the participants. During the meetings, you will have the opportunity to try many different VR devices such as HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift but also taste some good beers and spend a good time. We will occasionally ask experts in this field to join us and share their knowledge with you.

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VR / AR Hackathon

Romande Energie

For the third year we are organising the VR/AR Hackathon in Lausanne. A crazy week-end of creation, thinking, experimenting, networking (think beer with friends kind of networking, although TCP also allowed). Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?? It is up to you, but you must have fun and try out-of-the box thinking. You can come alone, there will be match-making between Coders and Artists or all other types of profiles. Participants limited to 40. On Friday afternoon we will have a presentations related to Virtual Reality and Augmented reality and one week before workshops that will be announced here on meetup too. Please visit www.vr-hackathon.ch to get more infos and register there. Or you can ask questions here.

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Spatial Computing & mixed Reality night in Geneva

Chemin du Vieux-Vésenaz 35

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