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Microservices or µServices is an architecture pattern/style which gets big traction these days, used by big players such as Netflix, E-POST, Hypoport or SoundCloud. It is a pattern favored by lean enterprises while it's true power comes through the combination of diverse methods and technologies. Polyglot languages, polyglot persistence, event sourcing, CQRS, DevOps, Message Queues, reactive applications, multi channel applications , CI/CD are some topics which can be discussed in this context, independent from the programming language. Let's join together on a journey to understand the approach, it's benefits and it's implications by sharing experience from novice to expert.

This meetup is partnering with the Microservices Meetup Berlin and we will try to share as much as possible.

We are trying to be an inclusive meetup and happily conform to the Code of Conduct. (

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