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As I'm sure we all do, I'd really like to have meetups in person again, conversations without the barrier of a screen and microphone, and the chance to have a chat (and I know some people also like a beer) afterwards.

But, to quote the Devoxx (https://devoxx.be/) organizers:

Events should be a place of joy, socialising and fun and not a place where people are afraid of getting sick [..]
Therefore, for the time being, the meetups will be virtual / online events. But please stick with the meetup, as soon as life is back to normal, we'll hold in-person meetups again!

About us

Microservices or µServices is an architecture pattern/style which has been getting a lot of traction over the last years. It's applied by companies such as Netflix, e-Post, Hypoport or SoundCloud. It's a pattern favored by lean enterprises while its true power comes through the combination of diverse methods and technologies. Polyglot languages, polyglot persistence, event sourcing, CQRS, DevOps, Message Queues, reactive applications, multi channel applications, CI/CD are some topics which we want to discuss in this context, independent of any specific programming language.

Let's go on a journey together to understand the microservices approach, it's benefits and it's implications, by sharing experience from novice to expert.

We are trying to be an inclusive meetup and expect all members to follow the Berlin Code of Conduct (https://berlincodeofconduct.org/).

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