Distributed tracing with Kafka and Zipkin


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About the talk:
In an event-driven microservice architecture, it is not always easy to keep track of existing processes, especially when the number of microservices increases and response times are slowing down. With Kafka as the link between the microservices, we can scale very easily, but to do so, we need to know exactly where the performance bottleneck lies. This is where distributed tracing comes into play. To better understand what's going on, we need to be able to track an event as it passes through a number of cooperating microservices and measure the processing time in each microservice involved in responding to the request. The trace events for a request must be collected, grouped, and presented in an understandable way. Kafka and Zipkin are perfect partners for this task.

About the speaker:
Dominik Fries is CTO of the company Thinkport GmbH. He has been working on the topics of Hadoop, event-driven architectures, the construction of data lakes and of course cloud computing for many years. He is always involved in the conception as well as in the development.

Meetup Agenda:
1800 - doors open[masked] - start the talk
1915 - networking with beer and pizza :o)

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