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Unser Meetup hat einen Fokus auf Microsoft Cloud-, Datacenter- und Workplace-Management Themen. Ziel ist es, interessierte Leute in einem gemütlichen Ambiente zu versammeln und regelmässig über die neusten Technologien und Trends, welche die IT Professionals bewegt.

Die Sessions werden mehrheitlich in deutscher Sprache präsentiert und wir sind bestrebt, nebst gutem Content auch eine Plattform für persönliche Gespräche zu bieten. Hast du selber ein Thema, dass du uns gerne vorstellen würdest? Melde dich ungeniert über https://twitter.com/ExpertsLiveCafe

Wir möchten, dass unsere Meetup Teilnehmer nett zu einander sind :-) Wenn du eines unserer Meetups besuchst, verpflichtest du dich zu den folgenden Verhaltensregeln: https://dotnetday.ch/coc.html

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Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2020

Welle 7, Bern

Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is an all-day conference about the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform and will take place on August 17, 2020 at Welle 7 in Bern. Further information about the Azure Bootcamp Switzerland, as well as registration and tickets can be found at https://azurebootcamp.ch The Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is a community event and open to everyone. We ask you to pay a small fee for the ticket for the following reasons. First, free tickets always result in a high no-show rate when people register for the event and don't show up. This makes planning really difficult for us. We want to avoid that the venue is overbooked and people are sent home or the opposite happens and the venue is underbooked and no tickets can be given to people who would like to attend the event. Another big issue is the catering. We have to place firm orders for catering during lunchtime and during all breaks. If the no-show rate is high, all the food would have to be thrown away. If you can't afford the ticket for personal reasons and still want to participate, contact us and we will find a way. Please remember that the conference is still a non-profit community conference. A positive financial balance will be invested in future events and donated to our charity partner organization Powercoders (https://powercoders.org). It would be our pleasure to welcome you at the Azure Bootcamp in Bern!

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Zühlke Engineering AG

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