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This group is for anyone interested in humanitarian and crisis mapping. We get together with a focus on creating online maps for humanitarian organizations doing field work in the world's most vulnerable places. There is no greater connection to supporting humanitarian work remotely than mapping. Our maps are used by MSF, Red Cross, UN/EC/EU organizations, local governments and NGOs around the world.

If you like to know how this works, visit our monthly Mapathon every last Wednesday of the Month. We are 5minutes from Hauptbahnhof Zürich.

Everyone is welcome! It is all about learning and mapping together. So if you know nothing about mapping or if you have been an Openstreetmap mapper from the beginning, we need you! All you need is to bring along a laptop. It's as simple as that.

For more Information about the spirit of Missing Maps and Mapathons:


Auf Deutsch: «Die Idee»: Open Street Map (https://www.srf.ch/sendungen/10vor10/die-idee-open-street-map). Aus 10vor10 vom 28.09.2018.

Or visit missingmaps.org (https://www.missingmaps.org/)

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January Mapathon

Red Cross Switzerland

We are excited to announce the first Mapathon in 2019. Please note, our new location at Kronenstrasse 10 close to Limmatplatz! Please bring along a laptop and a mouse if you have one. And as always: It is all about learning, but that needs people at every experience level. So if you know nothing about humanitarian mapping or if you have been an OSM mapper from the beginning, we need you!

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April Mapathon

Red Cross Switzerland

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