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Is to work with a team of other like-minded individuals, who are all dedicated to changing their lives dramatically by giving up work, becoming financially free, and making a real difference to many people’s lives.

We are not looking for people who are flakey, half-hearted, needy, problematic, self centred, greedy, egotistical, arrogant, or unreliable; what we are looking for are genuine, progressive, positive, team players, who will go the extra mile to help others as much as help themselves.

Mission Impossible is a great franchise, and who wouldn’t want an exciting adventurous life with a team of buddies who were there for you every step of the way and at every turn. That’s what this group aims to create, a group of highly trained adaptable people who can accomplish a mission, without finding every reason not to step up or turn up.

We’re not looking for many members right now, as our Mission Impossible ‘Zurich’ is to find just a handful of people we can train in advanced mind and body techniques, who can then train others who join the group.

If you’d like to apply, be sure you want to be taken seriously, and we will certainly deliver a great experience for you. This means respond to our mail, attend the events, and grow our membership.


My name is Kern, I’m no Ethan Hunt or a Tom Cruise for that matter, but I'm privileged to spend my life in a way that allows me to see each day with adventure and surprise as an international high-end peak perfomance coach and trainer.

Every time I meet a new client, I’m given what to many would seem a Mission Impossible — rescue a failing business, break someone out of the work/life trap, find someone a new husband, resolve a relationship, solve years of depression, optimise a neglected body — the list of missions I’ve been on are endless, but always fun, exciting and rewarding.

Over the years I've worked with people at every stage of of their personal development journey and from all walks of life; from the rich and famous, to those who live from one day to another on the streets of our cities.

But right now, I’m interested in finding those very few people who really do have a limitless potential that can be grown; people with the desire to be more than the average person.

Let’s face it, being average is a pretty boring situation for those who have a sense there’s something more to life; this is why people need to escape into movies — escaping 30-50 hours a week working with people — who if their brains were dynamite, they wouldn’t be able to blow their noses — no good for real life missions.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day was a real adventure, with real gold as the prize; instead of a monthly pay check and a final severance package to look forward to when AI takes your job. But I know that even the little I’ve written so far will go way over the heads of most people— but fortunately it’s not most people were looking for. We’re searching for real people, people who don’t want to sit on the sidelines of life thinking they have an opinion — one that’s usually founded on mind boggling levels of ignorance and nievity.

What we’re looking for are people who want to live life beyond what average people accept as normal, and instead live life as a normal human being — not a slave, but free to carve out their own little piece of destiny.

Too many people are living inauthentic, second rate lives, when they could be living to the max — with every day pushing the limits of what it is to be alive, with people who want the same: To have meaning, purpose and destiny.

It could be argued that Zurich isn’t exactly known for fun loving, honest, genuine people. It’s possibly more a place where you sell your soul for what you think is good money and a boost to your ego ~ in probably the world’s most expensive city.

The truth is, most trade their most valuable assets for scraps — their potential, their time, and their happiness. And the sad part is, the jobs and the careers they’ve worked so hard on, are soon to be gone — automated out of any useful role in society.

This is why we called this Mission Impossible, because saving people from themselves is almost an impossible task. But, with the right team, it can be done.

So what are we up against. Well the mission starts with you:

1. All the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back — regressive systems in you that have developed for your survival, but stop you living as you should.

2. The next is what you think you know, and how you navigate life with so little awarness.

3. After this it’s your ego, that tells you the previous two problems don’t apply to you.

4. Once we’ve overcome these, it’s time to really move up a few gears, and court success on every level.

Here, we’re going to turn you into the most advanced human being there is, in every way possible. Now that’s a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE — unless you want it enough.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM PART ONE OF THE MISSION : advanced training in mindset, motivation, and physical development, combined with confidence and communication skills to begin with, with the very real possibility of taking on the impossible.

BUT A WARNING — should you or any aspects of your personal commitment to yourself be found wanting, the group will dissavow any and all knowledge of you.

This transcript will self destruct in your mind in 20 seconds if you’re not on the same page, and you don’t apply.

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