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We are the Mobility Innovators' Club - open to all who are building innovative products and services and all who are deploying, using, and promoting them.

The Drivery is the world's first mobility innovators' club, promoting innovation across all of transport and logistics, in e.g. automotive, urban transport, shared bicycles, logistics, autonomous driving, air travel, drones, electric cars.

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Kick-scooter test rides for all - smart, electric, affordable

The Drivery at Ullsteinhaus

Alle wollen Tretroller - Everybody I know wants to use the electric kick-scooter I got - to the shops, to work, to town. My school kids love it too. And it takes only a couple of minutes to learn to ride. So, we want to give everybody the chance to try it. We are delighted to partner with Wind Mobility, Tier Mobility, and Scooterhelden: All of you have the chance to try kick-scooters (Elektrische Tretroller). 1. Get a free ride and see how ridesharing will work 2. Compare models and find one to buy 3. Understand which models you can use on the streets already, and when all models will be rideable. Party with us: Food & Drinks provided. 13.15 Test rides! Meet Wind Mobility, Tier Mobility, and Scooterhelden for test rides 14.00 Electric, affordable, and frictionless? Kick-scooters from and in Berlin • Dr. Julia Boss, MD @ Wind Mobility • Dr. Julian Blessin, Co-founder & MD @ Tier Mobility 14.45 More test rides! 15.45 Neue Begeisterung für urbane Elektromobilität: Die Tretroller • Stefan Gelbhaar (MdB, B90/Grüne), Obmann im Verkehrsausschuss des Deutschen Bundestages • Michael Bartnick, BVG Mobilitätshub • Marcel Hutfilz, Gründer & CEO @ Scooterhelden 16.30 The Drivery Tour Led by Timon Rupp, Founder & MD, The Drivery 17.30 End

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Your co-working membership preview @ The Drivery

The Drivery at Ullsteinhaus

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