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Defining Decentralisation: three women with each their perspective.
This will be a Meetup on Decentralised Systems for and with women of Munich's tech community. You’ve probably heard the term decentralisation in connection with the highly discussed blockchain technology. Decentralised as in distributed. Decentralised as in no central authority. However, decentralisation as a concept has existed before blockchain and in other ways too. The issue is how we choose to define this term as there still is no one definition, and the word is sometimes misused. Can we find a single definition or do we just have to accept there’s multiple? Tonight’s talk will be all about this. Our three speakers will each have a different approach, and towards the floor will be open to discussion, all questions welcome! There will be an opportunity to network as we can afterward go to the italian restaurant/bar right down in the backyard. Everyone interested in decentralisation is welcome. Our talks will be beginner's friendly. We provide opportunities for technical discussions, networking and connections to industry partners. PROGRAM : Julia Evelyn Larsen, CryptoWomen CPH: 'Decentralised Ledger Technologies' : Ljubica Pajević Kärkkäinen, Researcher at TUM : 'Opportunistic location-based networking' : Third speaker, 'Open Source Code' : Discussion : Networking SPEAKERS Ljubica Pajević Kärkkäinen is a researcher at the Chair of Connected Mobility of the Technical University of Munich. One of the themes that her research explores is how the capabilities of mobile devices, as well as the proliferation of small, inexpensive networked devices, can be leveraged to build autonomous local communication systems. Julia Evelyn Larsen is the co-founder of CryptoWomen CPH; a community aimed at bringing women together in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. She's currently in Munich, doing an internship at the Danish Foreign Ministry's Innovation Centre and is Moinworld's local Community Lead. Sounds like a good time? We look forward to seeing you! Want to read up on the discussion? Here's a good blog post by one of the main critical voices https://www.tonysheng.com/decentralized-definition

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