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For whom are our meetups?

Our Meetups are for all people who would like or need to facilitate effective workshops with digital equipment – on-site and online! We talk about meeting effectiveness and how to facilitate workshops like Sprint Review Meeting (http://scrum-master.de/Scrum-Meetings/Sprint_Review_Meeting)s, or Sprint Retrospective Meetings (http://scrum-master.de/Scrum-Meetings/Sprint_Retrospective_Meeting), workshops in projects, workshops in change projects, strategy development workshops, creative workshops, or online workshops.

Why is this Meetup for you?

Facilitating workshops with good results is essential in every project to become successful! Facilitating effective, structured workshops and meetings is a skill that is useful in your daily life as a team-leader, facilitator, manager and also as a participant in meetings! And it's no simple task; especially, when you are not a trained moderator. With the help of SixSteps® – a software for digital workshops, you can help your team to find excellent actions to master the next step in your project!

Our Meetups will show you how to facilitate workshops effectively, with digital equipment and SixSteps! We'll show you, how to have fun and ensure valuable meeting results! We will also talk about how to deal with conflicts in workshops, or between two or more people or even within whole teams. Some Meetups will deal with the topic communication. So, check out our topics!

We also have Meetups in Beilngries, near Ingolstadt: http://www.meetup.com/Ingolstadt-Effective-... (http://www.meetup.com/Ingolstadt-Effective-Local-and-Online-Meetings-Meetup/)

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