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Mundo Lingo is a sociable and completely free new way to practice another language in Cologne and make local friends.

We organize one weekly event: <br>• Every Wednesday ay at 7pm at Die Wohngemeinschaft(Richard Wagner Str. 39)

Who are we? We are people of all nationalities and ages. People from all kinds of amazing backgrounds speaking all sorts of different languages from beginner to advanced. There are no limits and nobody is exempt. We get together for a good night, practice languages, make friends, and have a nice time. During our events you might hear people having conversations in over a dozen different languages!

How does it work? Every participant is given a selection of flag-stickers to stick on their chest. These flags represent your languages and go in order of ability from native at the top to weakest at the bottom - Easy!

We give you one piece of advice: "Stay standing to engage in a conversation". <br>

<br>Why? Because if you stand it's easier for people to catch your eye and come and talk to you, and visa versa. It allows people to move and flow from group to group in a way you just can't achieve while sitting down.

How many people go? Currently in Cologne around 200 people per event is expected. Most of our participants are not members of MeetUp so don't be put off by low numbers here, our events are well established. <br>

People look young and pretty in the photos, am I too old? <br>Nah! We just have really good photographers. This event is for all ages. The majority is 25 to 40 but we get plenty of people from outside that range.

You can visit our website which has information on all of our cities and events: http://www.mundolingo.org <br> <br>The bottom line: <br>It’s for all levels and nationalities and its completely FREE. Come check us out!

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