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Let's get together and chat about machine learning, natural language processing, large scale data analytics using open source tools such as Hadoop MapReduce, NoSQL databases, data visualization and open data. Everybody who wants to share experiences or ask questions on smart and/or large scale data processing related topics is free to join. Expected profiles: students and academic researchers, software engineers, statisticians, data scientists, trendy entrepreneurs who want to change the digital world while drinking mojitos. All meetups will be held in English.

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Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/munichdata

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Datageeks Data Day 2020

ADAC Zentrale

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important: Sometimes the real life is just not predictable. Probably everyone working in data science has come across this reality, in our case, however, it‘s particularly painful - we decided to postpone our Datageeks Data Day. Recent events around Corona have been unfolding fast. Now, however, with first infections within Germany, we felt that we had to make a decision. Obviously, the safety of our community has the highest priority for us and we just realized that we can‘t ensure it a 100% at this point. We‘ve been organizing, growing and tremendously looking forward to our beloved DaDaDa but postponing seemed like the right thing to do. But don’t worry, we already have a new date which is October 17th. That means we‘ll give the virus half a year to disappear and then we‘re looking forward to having the greatest DaDaDa ever with you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Datageeks, the wait is over. Our famous Datageeks Data Day is finally back and this time it will be bigger, better, and geekier. ADAC will host our DaDaDa on October 17th, 2020 No sales. No marketing. Just data – from the Community, for the Community! Join us for a day full of technical talks on GANs, time series forecasting, computer vision, autonomous driving and many more. Learn new stuff, meet new people and have a great day together with Munich‘s leading data community. For more information and line-up visit www.dadada.rocks >>> Get your tickets here at Eventbrite <<< https://www.eventbrite.de/e/datageeks-data-day-2020-tickets-79047255469

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