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Exotic Investments
Let's discuss more or less exotic investments like - venture capital - private equity - peer 2 peer lending - forrests - diamonds - social trading - oldtimers - wine - whiskey What might make sense in diversification, with which are you doomed to fail? What's the chance vs. risk with them? If you want to discuss further topics, please comment.

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Let's bring together investors and traders and make us profit from each others knowledge: Discuss current developments and exchange your experiences with different strategies. More than that: As trader, you can use investment valuation considerations to make your trading more efficient by using them as bias. As investor, trading approaches help you to improve your entry, accumulation and exit timing.

This meetup is the right one for you if

• you have already taken control of your personal finances and are investing or trading on your own responsibility

• you have an experties in one or more industry domains and/or geographical region and want to exchange knowledge and investment opinions

• you are searching for a peer group to discuss your view of the future and its opportunities - you would like to share and discuss experiences with trading and investment strategies


• This is a place for exchanging personal opinions and support each other in completing their view on the markets

• If your work relates to finance and economy, you are welcome, but IT IS NOT a place to promote your own financial services or products

• IT IS NOT related to any company, financial institutuions or goals beyond discussion and know how exchange

• IT IS NOT a place to get financial advice as a newbie

In order to make it attractive for people with international experience, the meetup language is English.

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