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Über uns

The group is intended as a gathering spot for people looking to discuss concepts surrounding Teal / Holacracy Organisations. The book "Reinventing Organizations" is the main reference and starting point tof discussion.

The purpose of this Meetup group is to "Feel the Teal!"

Our group is driven to convert Teal theory into reality, so that people and organisations become more adaptive, fulfilled, and actualised. We sow a fertile ground for Teal by teaching, inspiring, supporting, and challenging ourselves and others, so that Teal practices can become more widespread.

To support this journey, this Meetup explores, tests, and practices Teal methods. We focus on continually refining our understanding through real-world experience, so that we can share our vision and insights with people, organisations, and society at large. We also support, encourage, and challenge our members to becoming living Ambassadors of Teal: Feel Teal, Think Teal, Talk Teal, Act Teal, and Build Teal.


Anybody who is interested in the topic is welcome to join; you don't have to be a business consultant.

The meetup group website is all in English to make sure as many people as possible get reached. The actual meetup language will depend on the attending members.