VR 360° Video Meetup #7 - New 360° cameras are here!


VR 360° is back.

First of all for people that want to attend the i4c conference that takes place on the same day....

The i4c will end at about 17h and so there is no overlap with our 360° Meetup. http://i4c-event.com/

We have 3 new camera setups to showcase.

Futhermore we have two 360° experts Traugott Emrich (http://www.luftpano.de/), 360° Audio Production Expert Martin Rieger www.vrtonung.de (http://www.vrtonung.de/) and 360° filmer Johannes Müller as our guests giving us so insides about their work. As always the will be plenty of time for networking and getting to know likeminded people.

• Our new ZCam S1 all-in-one 360° Camera with 6k output. We are amongst the first to have one of these babies and you can see it in action at our VR 360° Meetup.

• The Zcam iZugar Z4XL Setup.

Roll over GoPro. This one could be the new standard. 4 Z Cams 4k in sync.

• Our synchonized 8 camera rig based on YI 4k cams is ready. Producing over 6k resolution. This one is the killer rig if you want sync and don't want to spend 5k on a 6x solution with a cubic setup.

Our guests this time are:

360° filmer and 360° drone master Traugott Emrich http://www.luftpano.de/

360° filmer and photographer Johannes Müller

360° Audio Production Expert Martin Rieger http://www.vrtonung.de

and your host Clarence Dadson of Design4real http://design4real.de/

If you have something to show, bring your work and share it with the community.

See you at the VR 360° Meetup.

Cheers Clarence

Am 6.4. findet das VR 360° Video Meetup zum 7. Mal statt.

Nach dem i4c Event in der HFF geht's bei uns weiter um 19h mit dem Meetup Thema 360° Video im Office von Mantro.

Wir präsentieren euch drei neue 360° Kamerasetups.

• Unsere neue ZCam S1 all-in-one 360° Kamera mit 6k Output.

Wir sind froh unter den ersten zu sein die bereits eine dieser Kameras besitzen und auf dem 360° Meetup könnt ihr sie in Action erleben.

• Wir haben die Zcam iZugar Z4XL. 4 Z Cams 4k in sync.

• Unser 8er Kamera Rig basierend auf der YI 4k Cams. Output ist 9k.

• Unsere Gäste sind diesmal:

360° Video Veteran und 360° Drohnenexperte Traugott Emrich http://www.luftpano.de/

360° Audio Produktion Experte Martin Rieger www.vrtonung.de (http://www.vrtonung.de/)

360° Filmer and Fotograf Johannes Müller