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Worum es bei uns geht

FUN, MUSIC, PLAY & LEARN with your little ones !!

We have 22 Class Times per Week (http://www.musicforkidsgeneva.com/class-times.html). Just send us a message if you wish to join any of them through Meetup.

Booking is mandatory as classes might be full.

This "Monday 15h Class - Event" is a weekly reminder of our 22 Classes and NOT a RSVP for Monday 15h Class.


1. RSVP on our only event "Monday 15h Class" to let us know you are coming that week

2. RSVP (http://www.musicforkidsgeneva.com/rspv-form.html) on line through our site mentioning you are a Meetup member.

If your chosen class is full we will get back to you, so you can chose a new Class Time.

Please kindly note that Booking Confirmations might take up to 48 hours.

We are a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 children plus their parents per class.


For those families unable to get a Bimonthly Pass of CHF240 (8,5 Classes/Week), because they live far away from Geneva center or don't have free time to join our classes regularly, you have the interesting option of joining us from time to time through our Meetup Group.


We do music, dance and activity classes where we learn plenty of games and activities to foster your child’s natural musical ability, creativity, confidence and self-expression, reinforcing their cognitive, social, emotional & physical skills, while strengthening your bond through the classes and while having lots of fun along with other children, parents and care givers.

Our classes are in English, with French support if required. Most of the songs we learn are English but we also do French and “All around the world” songs in each week's program.

COME AND JOIN US FOR A GREAT TIME TOGETHER! Your child and you will totally love it ;-)

www.musicforkidsgeneva.com (http://www.musicforkidsgeneva.com/)


Through Meetup: 38 CHF per class

While with a BIMONTHLY PASS of CHF 240, each class costs CHF 27,9 and re-enrolling back to back you just pay CHF 13,9 per class (coming twice a week per example) during your last annual Bimonthly Enrolment.



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