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Do you ever feel like you need a space where to freely express yourself?
Do you find yourself following a song and feeling all the feelings, but not being able to jump and dance like nobody is looking?
Do you attend dance classes in order to relief stress and connect to yourself?
Do you forget about everything else around you when you dance?
Do you want to feel home in your body?

Well, I can definitely answer yes to all these questions. If you do so, let's explore it together!

I'm not any profesional dancer, but I do have a strong background knowledge in Yoga (7 years practicing) and a growing interest in Dance, specially Contemporary Dance and free-flowing styles like Gaga and Impro, and of course the grace of Ballet, as well as many years being a profesional thinker and observer :P
In case it means something to you, I'm studying Psychology since last year and before that I quit my Business Bachelor after 5 years of unhappiness.

But the reason I'm organising this Meetup is because since I did last year a workshop on Contact Impro, Acrobatics and Contemporary Dance, I'm experiencing the POWER and IMPACT that Movement and Dance have in our well-being. To the point that I'm integrating dance in my daily life, as a personal moment of freedom, with no choreography, just flow; as a tool to let go of my thoughts, reconnect to my body and feel that amazing energy and creativity. And not only that, it has also corrected my posture even more and allowed me to really LOVE every muscle that I own, making me feel the beautiful creature that all of us are!

How? That's what I want to share with you! Are you ready to feel Your Body As Your Temple? Join the ship then!

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