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Hackathon for Supply Chain Transparency
This Hackathon is designed to connect social business entrepreneurs, industry experts from adidas, Zalando SE, Volkswagen Group, N3XTCODER and other partners. In a series of three hackathons we build powerful interdisciplinary teams that work on real challenges that contribute towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. The opacity of the supply chain is a major issue for brands and companies. Consumers are demanding more information on topics such as ethical labour regulation and environmental impact and the status quo cannot provide this. Our Goals: 1. Strengthen & support social entrepreneurs, NGOs & NPOs 2. Establish an collective impact format that encourages social entrepreneurs, tech community and industry experts to work together 3. Identify innovative tech solutions for social innovation focused on supply chain transparency Please apply for you free ticket here: https://n3xtcoder.org/supply-chain-transparency-hackathon Who is this Hackathon for? Product managers & product owners Business developers & Marketing professionals Interaction designers & information architects User experience experts (UX) User interface designers (UI) Software developers (frontend & backend) Blockchain enthusiast Supply Chain Experts Everyone with skills to change systems for sustainable development Why you should join us: During the Hackathon you get the opportunity to apply your skills to a real-world product. You will be surrounded by industry experts from adidas, Zalando SE, Volkswagen Group, N3XTCODER and other partners from our network. You will get a better understanding of the environmental and social impact of products and services and how innovation in supply chains can lead to more sustainable production patterns. Learn from social entrepreneurs how they identified “hot spots” within the current system and how you can help to increase their impact with your skills. Broaden your network and learn from other social entrepreneurs how easy it can be to become a changemaker. You don´t need to prepare, however we encourage you to inform yourself about sustainable consumption and production solutions. Also don’t forget to bring your laptop and charger. The N3XTCODER workshop and Hackathon experience is not only limited to the actual onsite event. We rather understand our programs as a process, where you have the opportunity to engage with social entrepreneurs and get a new perspective and a differentiated understanding of digitization’s impact on society and today’s lifestyle.

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    This Meetup group is for Frontend & Backend Developers and all emerging tech enthusiast who want to create social impact at scale. In this group you will meet tech experts from our N3XTCODER network and learn about latest technology topics such as:

    - React.js

    - Vue.js

    - RestAPI´s

    - GraphQL

    - Microservices

    - Blockchain for social innovation

    -React Native

    - docker

    - social innovation in tech

    and more...it depends on the projects we currently working with and believe its a great opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

    How it works:

    You can apply for a free sponsored ticket for our workshops.

    For our evening Meetups you only need to register.
    As we provide free food and drinks we request a down payment of 10-20€ that you get back after the event if you come. We do this to avoid "no shows" that takes other peoples seats.

    With N3XTCODER we perform tech workshops & educational programs in many cities across Europe. Free tickets are always accessible.

    N3XTCODER is designed for people working in technology and for those who want to start a career to disrupt things for the better together with some of the most skilled people we know in the tech and social industry.

    Our educational programs are built around disruptive cases and challenges of social businesses and social entrepreneurs, who develop new approaches and innovative solutions to one of the many social problems we are facing.

    We will make it easy for you to use your skills for social innovation. Join us! If you are unhappy in your current job we find you projects that create impact! contact us: jobs@n3xtcoder.org

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