• Summer Mixer for NYC Entrepreneurs

    Village Pourhouse

    Same #, same hood, it's all good... the great folks from the Village Pourhouse have been kind enough to invite our startup community over once more to their Red Light room on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 from 6:30-9:30 PM. So come join us as we bring together NYC's newest and brightest startups with some of the best entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers, and investors :) Drink Special (from 7-closing): 2 for 1 Abita Beers Hurricanes Register here for $10: http://summer2013mixer-es2.eventbrite.com/

  • Summer Kickoff Party for New York's Hottest Entrepreneurs

    The great folks from the Village Pourhouse have been kind enough to invite our startup community over to their Red Light room on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 from 6:30-9:30 PM for happy hour and 1/2 priced pitchers! So come join us as we bring together NYC's newest and brightest startups with some of the best entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers, and investors :) Tickets are $5. Use the promo code, "Community" for 10% off! http://smvillagepourhouse.eventbrite.com/

  • directCanvas for Enhancing HTML5 Rendering

    APress, Inc.

    REGISTER HERE: http://nyhtml5.eventbrite.com/ (http://nyhtml5.eventbrite.com) *DO NOT REGISTER AT MEETUP.COM* What: directCanvas for Enhancing HTML5 Rendering Who: Andrew Smith - Developer Evangelist for appMobi While many pundits and observers of the mobile app industry openly admit that HTML5 is quickly becoming the dominant app development platform (for many reasons), they often temper their statements by saying rendering speed, responsiveness, and sound issues may prevent HTML5 from dominating mobile game development. appMobi has created a new canvas object that is streamlined and optimized for the drawing functions typically used for gaming, but has none of the normal rendering overhead mentioned above. directCanvas is accessed in exactly the same way as the Standard Canvas (same calls to a different object). REGISTER HERE: http://nyhtml5.eventbrite.com/ (http://nyhtml5.eventbrite.com) *DO NOT REGISTER AT MEETUP.COM* Please register quickly. We have limited space. Apress will be raffling off HTML5 books! Thanks Apress!

  • Founder/VC Speaker Series: Launching a Successful Venture

    Mercy College Main Campus

    Join entrepreneurs and students from NYU, NYU-Poly, Columbia, and Mercy for a seminar at Mercy College at 35th St. in Manhattan. Talks include Startup Founders speaking about challenges they've faced when starting their business and how they turned them into successes as well as Professionals (investors, service providers, etc.) speaking about what it takes to launch a successful venture. Speakers include Charlie O'Donnell, Partner, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures; Gary Reloj, Founder, OMG Foodie; Lee Edwards, Lead Engineer, SideTour; and others. Food and beverages will be provided. Registration and full line up of speakers can be found at http://startupseminar.eventbrite.com


    Google NYC

    YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP VIA EVENTBRITE: http://javasig-dart-workshop.eventbrite.com/ Learn more about Dart, the new open-source programming language for building HTML5 applications for the modern web with a hands-on code lab at Google! Explore the Dart language and development tools with this step-by-step lab designed to get you up and running with Dart in under 2 hours. You will use Dart on the client and also on the server to build and run a simple chat app. All tools, samples, instructions, and assistance will be provided for you. All you need to do is bring your laptop, pre-loaded with the Dart editor. This code lab is designed for experienced developers with some web programming experience. Food and refreshments courtesy of Google! ====================================== YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP VIA EVENTBRITE: http://javasig-dart-workshop.eventbrite.com/ Bring your ticket with you! ====================================== Please install the Dart Editor from www.dartlang.org/downloads.html prior to attending. We have limited seating. Please register promptly if you are interested.

  • Overview of the Dart Programming Language

    Credit Suisse - other building

    ======================================= YOU MUST REGISTER VIA: http://javasig.eventbrite.com/ Bring your ticket with you. ======================================= Since the early days of the Web, software developers could use anyprogramming language to create client-side web applications... aslong as it was JavaScript. And while JavaScript has made significantstrides in performance and has added many additional features (asYakov Fain showed us at the June NYJavaSIG meeting at QCon), itremains as the sole web language to express all of your algorithmicthoughts for your UI/UX. Imagine if you only had PHP to writeserver-side apps. Get the idea? With the advent of HTML5, the Web is changing into a substantial programmaticfoundation with APIs for... well, everything. Enterprises will be (and are)developing sophisticated client-to-cloud enterprise applications thatrival native applications. However JavaScript may not be suitable formany enterprise IT organizations for a variety of reasons. Enter Dart from Google. Dart is more than a new, structured language for web developers. Similar to Java, it is object-oriented, with single inheritance and supports interfaces and abstract classes. Dart is also a collection of libraries (for client and server), an editor, a virtual machine, browser integration, and most importantly a compiler to modern JavaScript. Learn about Dart’s motivations and goals, and see how Dart can help you write complex apps for the entire modern web. YOU MUST BRING YOUR EVENTBRITE TICKET! NO EXCEPTIONS. Register here: http://javasig.eventbrite.com/

  • Cirque du Soleil and HTML5

    Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

    Hey Gang, Just got wind of this. Very cool behind the scenes look at an exciting new HTML5-based site for Cirque du Soleil. Frank ----------------------------------------------------------------- Have you seen http://www.MoviKantiRevo.com — the new sensory Chrome Experiment from Cirque du Soleil that takes you on a wonderful journey filled with rich characters and interactive environments? If not, be sure to check it out! Join Pete LePage and the developers who built #movikantirevo tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30am EDT on Google Developers Live for a very special Chrome Office Hours. We'll take a look behind the 's to show you how the experiment was built, and how you can use some of these techniques in your own web design. Tune in here: http://goo.gl/VvG1h

  • Startup Beach Party... in the city

    Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club

    Wednesday, Sep. 19th - Join other entrepreneurs, students, and startups at the NYC Startup Beach Party at Beekman Beer Garden. Going to be a great evening with some great investors and tech companies in attendance. Admission includes $2 off drinks, ping-pong/pool tables, and access to our private area under the tent! Register at: http://startupbeachparty.eventbrite.com

  • Intro to HTML5 Framework SproutCore

    Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

    Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1429683218863179008 Just found out that the SproutCore meet ups are moving online to make them more accessible to everyone. The next meet up is scheduled for Tuesday, August 14th at 4pm PST. The scheduled panelists for this session are Dave Porter and are Tyler Keating who both contribute heavily to the code. Those of you who are interested in this HTML5-based framework should check it out. Dave will be presenting on “Tips and Tricks for Blazing-Fast List Views”, best practices for optimizing your collection views to create the smoothest possible experience in a variety of circumstances, and Tyler will be leading a discussion on SproutCore 1.9 and 2.0. Learn more about SproutCore: http://sproutcore.com/ Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1429683218863179008

  • HTML5 Game Development with Rob Hawkes from Mozilla

    Veranstaltungsort für Mitglieder sichtbar

    What: HTML5 Game Development Who: Rob Hawkes - Mozilla When: March 28, 2012 - Wed Where: Apress 233 Spring Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY[masked]http://g.co/maps/z9vhz Rob Hawkes of Mozilla and author of the book "Foundation HTML5 Canvas" will bring you up to speed with using HTML5 tools and techniques for game development. Rob will discuss some basic and advanced techniques and highlight the key lessons that he's learned, as well as the technologies and game engines that you should know. RSVP IS NOW CLOSED. ONLY PRE-REGISTERED ATTENDEES CAN ATTEND SINCE THERE IS LIMITED SEATING. Thanks to our host Apress (http://www.apress.com/) for the refreshments and giveaways!