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[AICC - AI Community Conference Series] AICC is the premier technical AI Community Conference, organized by NYAI.co, and part of a seasonal conference series that happens quarterly in NYC. This quarter, we dive deep into Natural Language Processing on Jun 27th in NYC. Sign up for our newsletter to know when registration opens!

[NYAIx -Community Partner Series] NYAIx is our community partner series! We are have vetted the following AI Meetup groups & now cross-promoting the event we feel are worth your time to attend (along with community discounts!) **Please note, these events are completely owned & operated by our partners & not directly affiliated with NYAI**

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[NYAIx] Developer Week NYC

Brooklyn EXPO Center

**NYAIx EVENT: Please note: This is a sponsored event & not directly affiliated with NYAI.** The DeveloperWeek team has offered our group 25 free OPEN Passes and discounted PRO Passes to DeveloperWeek New York 2019 so our members can attend the event. DeveloperWeek New York (June 17-20, Brooklyn Expo Center) is the East Coast’s largest developer conference & expo with tracks covering Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices, AI dev, JavaScript, Blockchain, and more. Speakers include leaders from Google, PayPal, Birchbox, Uber, Foursquare, Meetup, Intuit, Vanguard Group and 100+ more. Register by 11:59 PM on June 14 to get your free OPEN Pass or to SAVE $150 on your PRO Pass. To register, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/developerweek-new-york-2019-registration-53968342766?discount=MU7396&utm_campaign=MU7396&utm_source=meetup&utm_medium=post

[NYAIx] Rise of Voice Marketing- Brand Success Metrics / Alexa, Google Assistant

Introducing NYAIx - our community partner series! We are have vetted the following meetup groups & will now cross-promote their events here! [Please note, these events are completely owned & operated by our partners & not directly affiliated with NYAI.] BOTS & AI [NYAIx Partner] 20% off with NYAI20 code - MUST GET TIX ON EVENTBRITE TO ATTEND! How can developers, product, & marketing leaders leverage the voice channel (Alexa/Google)? Stories and techniques from early adopters working with billion $ brands in retail, food, fashion, and more. Can new entrants leapfrog through voice marketing with Alexa, Google Assistant? How can we apply lessons from China's voice-first success to early starts in the West? What is the cost of waiting to enter the voice space? 2017's voice event we featured early adopter stories and trends. Now we have some data for you from 6 speakers. *** Sign up on Eventbrite to ensure a ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rise-of-voice-marketing-insights-and-early-brand-success-metrics-tickets-62236727728?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_content=nyai *** Event Schedule: 6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer 6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (VOICE, Betaworks) 6:35 PM Matt Hartman, Betaworks Ventures 6:45 PM Brett Kinsella, voicebot.ai 7:05 PM Will Hall, RAIN 7:30 PM Expert Builder Panel Claire Mitchell, Director at VaynerMedia Doug Robinson, CEO of Fresh Digital Group Shilp Agarwal, CEO of Blutag Brandon Kaplan, CEO of Skilled Creative 8:20 PM Q&A / networking Matt Hartman - The Third Wave of Audio - The next wave will be about monetization, discovery, & voice-first interfaces Brett Kinsella - Driving Marketing Channel Success with Alexa and Google Assistant Will Hall - The Distorted Crystal Ball and the Future of Ambient Assistance AI. Voice. Big Data. We are at one of the most profound inflection points in the history of technology. More than just buzzwords, each of these topics contains the very real seeds of transformation and disruption. Over the next 20 years, $16 trillion will be added to the global GDP because of AI; leveraging this moment in time is critical to our success. This talk will explore the impact of China's 2030 AI and how China's evolution portends massive changes for the Western world. The staggering adoption of voice technology in China has revealed key principles that the rest of the world can learn from and apply today. Exploring these topics will provide both cautionary tales and a reliable roadmap for both short and long-term applications of voice technology for brands. Additionally, case studies will be shown across a range of industries that evidence these emerging principles in action today. Expert Builder Panel - Lessons from the front lines Can an Alexa skill drive more foot traffic to a retail store? What is the cost of waiting to enter the voice space? Bots and AI will host a panel of builders that have helped big brands get early success in voice and share with the audience pragmatic advice and substantial use case outcomes, Speaker Bios on event page! ** Sign up on Eventbrite to ensure a ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rise-of-voice-marketing-insights-and-early-brand-success-metrics-tickets-62236727728?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_content=nyai **

[NYAIx] The Great AI Debate Series (NYU Future Labs + Applied Brilliance)

NYAIx is the NYAI community partner series. We are have vetted the following AI meetup groups & will now cross-promote their events with special offers & discounts. [Please note, these events are completely owned & operated by our partners & not directly affiliated with NYAI.] NYU FUTURE LABS [NYAIx Partner] *** MUST REGISTER FOR TICKETS HERE: https://www.appliedbrilliance.com/the-great-ai-debate-series/ *** June 18, 6-8PM NYU Pfizer Auditorium 5 MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY 11245 We're pleased to share an exciting event next week, put together by our friends at NYU Tandon Future Labs and Applied Brilliance. The Great AI Debate Series weighs the impact of AI, exploring some of the most provocative topics of our time. At the intersection of commerce, culture, academia, technology, and humanity, these unscripted discussions tackle some of the most profound changes our society is experiencing. The first conversation delves into our current collective anxiety: Are the robots coming for our jobs? What does the future of work look like? Common professions today will likely become obsolete in the near tomorrow. Accountants, attorneys, radiologists, warehouse workers are already being augmented with – and sometimes supplanted by – AI. As organizations hand over tasks to more efficient robots and bots, what will be the impact to the economy, society, and you? Find out at the Great AI Debates on June 18. Tickets start at $0.

[NYAIx] Tech Duels 2019 Debate Series - Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

[NYAIx Event] NYAIx is our community partner series, and is not directly affiliated with NYAI. ***Event Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tech-duels-2019-debate-series-machine-learning-tickets-62716065440 Complimentary Ticket Promo Code for the first 25 registrations - TDMLB150*** Join MLB and Tech Duels for a game-changing debate about tech and baseball! MLB is stepping up to the plate and advancing our Machine Learning capabilities. With the introduction of Statcast - our high-speed, high-accuracy, automated tool developed to analyze player movements and athletic abilities - we are sliding into a new era of advanced analytics. As the technology leader in pro sports, we are advancing our lead by investing in AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision in an effort to enhance fan experience by providing unique ways to connect with your favorite teams and players. Tech Duels is proud to team up with Major League Baseball for a legendary debate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in sports. We’ll be exploring many angles around the question: Is it possible to entirely remove human-induced bias from ML/AI models? And we’ll look at how these advancements are anything but a spectator sport. Don’t miss an evening of debate, drinks, dishes and networking with New York’s ML/AI community! EVENT AGENDA 5:45pm | Doors Open 6—6:45pm | Tech Duels Developer Mixer & Networking 6:45pm | Welcome by Tech Duels Team & Speaker Introductions 7—8pm | MLB AI & Machine Learning Debate 8—8:15pm | Awards: Winners, Runner-ups & Most Valuable Debater 8:15—9pm | Closing reception

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[NYAIx] Build Basic Python Games

Galvanize - New York

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