Worum es bei uns geht

Our mission is, to empower teams to develop successful products faster. We're trainers and coaches with a focus on design sprints but also tools, hacks and methods to built successful teams.

In this interactive meetup series we'll share our experiences, tools and hacks but also invite experts to cover all aspects that help to create successful teams and products. With a focus on doing and experiencing stuff rather then just presenting. And we also enjoy having good drinks with smart people. So it's a win win ;)

If you have a topic, case, experience or tool you'd like to present at one of or meetups, drop us a line or come to the next event. We love inspiration!

🔥 And if you're looking for tutorials and expert exchange on design sprints join our free Design Sprint Community (https://neonsprints.com/social-channels) 💬 or if you want to master your Design Sprint Facilitation Skills, book an open class training (https://www.eventbrite.de/e/design-sprint-2-day-facilitation-training-tickets-47106255077) 🎓

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